Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Chicken art creations

 I have loved creating since I was a preteen,  a sweet dear nearly 90 year old lady helped mentor me and my art.  I loved spending time with her, and she help ignite a passion for art that will last my entire life.  I hope I can pass on my love for art to my grandchildren.

Once art runs through you veins,  it runs forever!!

I hope my art brings a smile to my buyers,  to give them joy when they look at them.  My art is brightly-colored, quirky, a bigger than life view of life through my eyes.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Araucanas, Americana, & Easter Egger Chickens, What is the difference

Easters VS. Ameraucanas First NOTE Ameraucanas do not lay white, pink/beige, brown, olive,/khaki green or dark greenish brown or tan eggs but rather varying shades of pastel blue or blue-green eggs. Araucanas - SQ have ear tufts (different from muffs) and are tail-less. Have a pea comb. Suppose to lay blue eggs. Come in certain colors. Can be cleanfaced and tailed, but that means they are NOT show quality. ARAUCANA Admitted into the APA Standard in 1976 Has Ear TUFTS Has no tail Tight Feathering Large Fowl Weight Male 5 lbs. Female 4 lbs Bantam Weight Male 28 oz.Female 26 oz.Back is flat, slopes slightly at the tail Eyes can be red, brown or Reddish bay Legs green or willowBottom of foot— yellowPea Comb Red earlobes Small wattles Blue Eggs AMERAUCANA Admitted into the APA Standard in 1984 Has Ear MUFFS Has a definite tail.Looser Feathering Large Fowl WeightMale 6 1/2 lbs Female 5 1/2 lbs Bantam WeightMale 30 oz. Female 26 oz. Back is slightly elevated at the shoulders Eyes— reddish bay only Legs— Blue Slate Bottom of foot— whitePea CombRed earlobes Small wattles Blue Eggs Ameraucanas - SQ have muffs, and tails. Have a pea comb. Supposed to lay blue eggs. Come in certain colors.
Easter Eggers - A mutt chicken - a cross between a blue egg laying bird (Ameraucana or Araucana) and any other breed of chicken (usually a great egg layer). They usually have muffs and a tail, and usually have a pea comb. Dont come in certain colors, seeing as they are mutts. They can lay any color egg, but usually lay green, sometimes blue. Easter Eggers Easter Eggers are not a breed per se, but a variety of chicken that does not conform to any breed standard but lays large to extra large eggs that vary in shade from blue to green to olive to aqua and sometimes even pinkish. Easter Eggers vary widely in color and conformation, and are exceptionally friendly and hardy. Since they are usually quite friendly to children and humans in general, they are a great choice for a family flock. Most hatcheries mistakenly label their Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas or Araucanas (or various misspellings thereof). True Ameraucanas and Araucanas are currently only available through breeders. Easter Eggers do not qualify to be shown, since they do not conform to a breed standard. Egg Laying: Very Good (4/wk) Egg Color: Green/Blue/Pink/Multi Egg Size: X-Large Hardy In Winter: Yes Bears Confinement: Bears confinement well Especially Docile: Yes Setter/Broody: No Personality: Fun EASTER EGGER NOT recognized by the APA nor the ABACan have either or none May have a tail and may not have a tail or a little of both. Can have either feathering Any weight is acceptable Any posture is fine Can be any color Can be any color Any comb Any color earlobes Any size wattles Any color eggs Disclaimer, some of this info was taken from the Interent MLCC

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do raise chickens?

Do you raise chickens for the eggs, the meat, the companionship??  Well for me it was the eggs, then the fun of watching them, feeding them, watching them brings a peace to you.  Are you shaking your head with me,  😁 You become overtaken by them, with love ❤🐓
Chickens become family,  a friend, joy unknown.  So the next time someone asks you about your chickens, tell them all the reasons you raise chickens, smile and let your chicken OCD Come gushing out.  🐓💗