Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Egg color & Earlobes in Chickens

**Have you noticed this?**
How do you tell what color eggs a hen will lay? You can tell by the color of the earlobes in general. A white lobed hen will lay white eggs, while a red lobed hen will lay brown eggs.The exception to this would be the Easter Egger, Ameraucana, and Araucana breeds. They will lay eggs in colors ranging from khaki green to sky blue, to pink tinted, to occasionally lavender tinted. they will usually have red ear lobes. Of course this is not set in stone and exceptions always apply!

A chicken will carry the genetic code which instructs its body to create a certain amount of brown coating for its eggs.
The Dorking and Aracuana breeds are two exceptions to this rule. Dorkings have red earlobes, but lay white-shelled eggs. Aracuanas (from Chile) have red earlobes but lay green-shelled eggs.

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