Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year Approaches For "You"

Let's Think of some fun things that you can do for you, and for me!! and No diet is not in this section of the list!

Go somewhere you don't ususally go!

wear different glasses

buy different

switch your perfume

stop apologizing

read a love story

give a little

tell a joke

renew your passion

spread the love

stop whining

fit your bra

just say no

add color
Can you think of some more fun things to add to this list??

Here are some Fun things to help you start off the new year that use
can do with your old junk!! :)

After the paper towel is empty, use it to
*Keep power cords tangle free!  Pass each one through a paper towel tube before plugging it in.  The cords will lay lie flat and won't get twisted together.  Plus, you'll always find the exact cord you need!!

*Run proof your nylons! Do your pantyhoses get  snagged in the drawer, or is it hard to find the ones your looking for?  Just stuff each pair into its own tube before placing in your drawer marking the color and type on the outside!

Coffee Grounds
Remove a Scratch- To erase a small hairline scratch from a woodeen table or floor, just dip a cotton swab into a wet coffee grounds and rub it in.  Coffee is a natural dye and mild abrasive, so the scratch will vanish. 

*Make Plants grow faster!  Coffee grounds are loaded with nitrogen and other nutrients houseplants and flower love.  Add some to the soil as fertilizer~

Banana Peels
*After you have eaten a Banana take the peel to shine your leather, the soft inside of a banana peel can clean and shine leather and vinyl, including purses,  jackets and shoes.  The oils and potassium are natural moisturizers that won't harm surfaces.  Just buff in a circular motion and then wipe clean with a cloth.
*De-scratch a CD!  Have DVDs or CD's that skip?  Rub a banana peel over them in a circular motion and then gently buff and remove any residue with a soft cloth.  Because the peel is mildly, your scratches will disappear!!

Did you know!!
Boost HDLS with a Daily Chuckle!
Laughing heartily for 30 minutes a day *by, say watching TV sitcom* can increase your levels of "GOOD" HDL cholesterol, suggests a recent study!! SO Start Laughing!

Volunteer for a Longer, Happier Life
In a Recent Study of more than 6,000 retirees, folks who regularly donated time to help others had a 14% lower-than-normal risk of dying of any cause during a four year period!! It's also proven to boost self-esteem!! Let's Get busy and Volunteer, and Lead a MORE Happy LIFE!! Find something you love and Volunteer and just see!

We are all starting off a Brand New Year!  We can all live a Better Life for ME!!  New Choices, New Ideas, New Things to do for Me!!  You just have to do them!  Start today and Make one choice for you!  Don't let the days go by!  Start you a journal and write something down that you have done for you!  It will be a wonderful fun filled journal to see on December 3lst to see what all you have done just for you this year!  Who is with me??  Comment and let me know!!!  Here's to a great year each of us!

Bible Verse for Today
Sometimes life gets a little rough, and we all need a bit of joy in our lives. We often talk about warnings that come from the Bible, how to live or not live our lives. However, sometimes we forget that the Bible tells us to enjoy life a little bit. God did not mean for us to be sad or serious all the time. He tells us to get out and have a little fun. Here are some "happy" Bible verses to add some sunshine to what an be a gloomy day:

Psalm 27:6 - "Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the LORD." (NIV)


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Schar Freeman said...

Aloha Lisa! Wow you offer some great tips and innovative ways to make small changes. I really value the banana peel to remove scratches on CD's.

May you have a blessed New Year and continue to find 'new' ways to do some of the same old things in life!
malama pono,