Friday, December 18, 2009

True Love begins With Acceptance Of Yourself

True Love Begins With The Acceptance of Yourself

How many of us look in the mirror and DO NOT like what we see!!  I know I haven't in a few years, Weight has always been an issue for me, always!!! and since I have been so much medicine that has worsens my weight and swelling problems it makes me just want to cry when I look in the mirror.  But since I having starting just feeling alittle better and doing this blog everyday I have decided that I am going to LOVE ME Because I want to Living Better for me!!  Maybe I will lose weight in the process when I get my act together in my head.  But I have got to do things for me, LOVE ME, ACCEPT ME!!  Nothing else matters, if you don't love you, then nothing else in this world matters, because you can't be what you need to be for everyone else.  So lets try this together, one day at a time!  Comment, email me, give me your thoughts, ideas, tips, I want to hear from all you, share my blog with your friends!!  Lets Make every Live a Better Life for ME!

This was from an ABC Report- Very Interesting
When it comes to our bodies, everyone is their own worst critic. Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours scrutinizing the length of your nose or the width of your hips. Or maybe it’s a mole on your back or the size of your feet that drives you crazy. We’re all quite good at pointing out and obsessing over our own “flaws,” but most of us have a much harder time when it comes to accepting what we were born with.

In fact, an ABC News article reported that 35 percent of women have negative thoughts about their body up to five times a day. And another report, published in the journal Psychosomatics, found that 75 percent of U.S. students are concerned with the appearance of parts of their body (and another 30 percent say they are “preoccupied” with this concern).
Not surprisingly, the study also found that having low “body-esteem” was linked to low self-esteem and symptoms of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behavior. So, accepting and, even more so, feeling good about your body is essential to feeling good about yourself and leading a happy, fulfilling life.
Just imagine: Instead of loathing each new line on your face, embracing them for the memories that made them. Instead of longing to be unrealistically thin, changing your lifestyle to support your health, and savoring every bodily curve it creates. And instead of faulting yourself for your grey hair, your large nose or your gangly arms, priding yourself on the fact that these are the things that make you unique.

***Now imagine the great rewards you’ll reap for loving yourself. Research has proven that a negative body image is draining. Among adolescents, it’s even been found to contribute to:
 Depression and anxiety
• Suicidal thoughts and behaviors
• Dissociation (blocking out emotions as a coping mechanism)
• Sexual preoccupation and distress
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
A positive body image, meanwhile, will boost your self-esteem, your sense of well-being and peace, and even your very happiness, so you’ve got nothing to lose.
How to Stop Being Ashamed and Start Loving Your Body
In their place, you’ll feel an open sense of freedom that you may not have felt before, and with that freedom from the negative you’ll start embracing the positive aspects of your body and accepting yourself fully. When you use The Sedona Method, you will no longer feel shame about your body (or any aspect of yourself). You will feel only a natural sense of warmth, peace and joy.

***The following tips will also help you to start loving your body, and, when used with the Method, make an excellent positive routine you can implement in your life today:
• Exercise and eat a healthy diet. Getting into good physical shape will improve your body shape, too!
• Get plenty of sleep each night (there’s a reason it’s called “beauty sleep”).
• Pamper yourself with a long bath, a special outing or a spa day “just because.”
• Say only loving things to yourself. Ban “I hate my thighs,” or “My behind is too big” from your vocabulary (and your mind).
• Don’t compare your body to others. Your body is one of a kind!
• Write a list of things you love about your body. Keep it somewhere handy and refer to it often.
• Give thanks for your health, your life and your abilities.
I think all the above tips will help us to improve to love ourselves!!  Stop hating this beautiful woman that God created, HE created YOU, the way he wanted to for a reason!!  Embrace IT!  LOVE yourself, You are ONE of a Kind A Special Creation From GOD!

Let's talk about your weekends, do they end being fun, exciting, doing things you want to do, travels, shopping, watching movies, having friends over, whatever your heart desires, or DO THEY end up doing NOTHING, or house work all weekend?????  We we need to change!!  We have to Fix this, we need to have some fun on the weekend too!  I think if you are a busy person, you need to make a calendar and put in when you are doing that laundry and mopping, etc, so it will get done.  Then plan some fun!  Plan a movie out, or what ever, going out with the kids and building a snowman or sledding.  Whatever season it maybe, get some fun it with who or whatever area of fun, but don't leave it out!!  It truly has been along time since I have done anything fun, my health has just been so bad I haven't felt like it but things are getting better for me and I have been having lunches out with friends, fun!!  Planning some things now!  SO you to get into planning so some fun stuff! too ok!  Lets not let our lifes pass us by and we say wow where did it go and we didn't have any fun!!!

Bible Verse For Today
Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

Have a Blessed Friday!!  Thanks so much for taking to time to come to my blog, I pray that each of you will get something from it as I do in writing it each day!  Love you and God Bless Lisa


Marlene said...

Good advice Lisa. It is hard to just let go and have fun. For me I always feel like there is something I should be doing, usually housework etc. instead of taking time for me. I even feel like everything has to be done before I can work on my art projects.

Nature Traveler said...

Very good advice for the weeknend fun; everyone should have at least a whole day doing things they love.