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What Can YOGA Do for Me?

 A Very Interesting Question I think for ALL of us??
What Can Yoga Do for Me??  Well That is our Blog for today, so Let's get started!!

What can Yoga do for me?
Regular Yoga Practice can offer many health benefits:

*Back pain is reduced

*Flexibility improves

*Energy levels increase

*Breathing improves

*Stress is reduced and controlled

*Confidence and self empowerment are achieved

*Mood and emotional balance is enhanced
Yoga Exercise improves both posture and breathing, which in turn benefits the circulation of the blood and the body's intake and utilzation of oxyzen.  It will increase the rate and efficiency with which waste material is excreted from the body via kidneys, bowels, skin, liver and lungs, thereby, strengthening the immune defense system in its fight against infection, cancer and allegeries.  Certain poses, such as the corpse, the fish and the plow, aim specifically to improve bowel regularity for instance.  All inhance breathing and improve blood supply to the kidneys and liver.  Yoga also boosts the body's nervous and hormonal system, and improves both flexibility and muscle tone!!!  Can't we all use that!! I know I SURE CAN!!  I use to do Yoga and it helped me so, I am started it back!! Get you a DVD and start little by little work your way up!!  Don't wait!! Start today!
IS YOGA AN EXERCISE? Traditionally in the West Yoga is seen as a form of physical exercise to gain fitness and reduce stress. This is certainly true, however Yoga is far more than that. In yoga we harness the power of our bodies but also unite this with the power of our minds.
By becoming aware of the body and the breath and how it functions, allows us to alter the way we move and breathe and ultimately the way we use our minds.

The change takes place on the entire person and affects the physical body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit.


Try a little experiment now.
 Come into tadasana  (Tadasana - Mountain Pose Tadasana - Begin by bringing awareness to the Surface Of The Feet.The foundation of a tree is its roots therefore bring awareness to the feet first in this yoga pose. The same force should be present in both feet. Pelvic adjustments must be made to achieve this. Evenly distribute the weight over the feet. Always try to get more of the surface area of both feet and toes to touch down on the mat or floor.The toes should be used to stabilize the body from forward motions. Sometimes the weight can fall on the outside or inside of the feet. Try to have the weight centered.)
– yoga’s basic standing pose. Close your eyes. Now try to be completely still. Completely, totally, motionless. No movement. No change. Resist any change. Is it possible? Did you find yourself holding your breath? There is no way to stay perfectly still, in tadasana or in life. Every moment is always unfolding, and all you can do is follow it and perhaps try to guide it.

       Come into tadasana again, and close your eyes. Notice how the breath moves you in tadasana. Can you feel yourself getting taller on the inhale, more grounded on the exhale? Or perhaps you feel yourself expanding on the inhale, and drawing in to your core on the exhale. Whatever you feel, whatever you notice, do it intentionally. Ride the natural change and do it on purpose.
     Yoga teaches us that everything changes – everything is always in the process of renewing, unfolding, and evolving. This is good news. It means that we don’t need to provide the energy for change in our own lives. Change is not an uphill battle – it doesn’t need to be a struggle. Everything is already always changing. We simply need to learn how to direct change and allow change to happen. Instead, most of us are struggling to prevent change – we cling to our habits and our ways of viewing the world. We may not even be doing this consciously. But if we sincerely invite change, there’s nothing that can stop it.


Yoga is realitvely new  alternative therapy to the West, but it has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years!  It must be good!
Here are some of the most useful poses and the ailments they can help

Corpse, Mountain, Complete, Breath, Fish, Shoulder, Stand

Corpse, Plough, Locust, Knee to Chest, Tadasana

Corpse, Fish, Plow, Twist, Knee to Chest, Posterior, Uddiyana, Yoga Mudra

Corpse, Locust, Mountain, Plow, Twist, Cobra, Uddiyana

Corpse, Mountain, Locust, Cobra, Posterior Stretch

Period Problems
Plow, Fish, Shoulder Stand, Cobra, Posterior Stretch

Exhaustion and Lethargy
Mountain, Shoulder Stand, Corpse, Posterior Stretch

Shoulder Stand, Locust, Posterior Stretch, Plow, Bow, Sun Salutation, Cobra

Fish, Shoulder Stand, Plow

Prostand Gland
Kneeling Pose

Yoga Mudra, Shoulder Stand, Plow, Corpse

Eye Strain
Neck and Eye Exercises

Knee to Chest

Corpse, Neck and Eye Exercise, Should Roll

Twist, Mountain, Shoulder Stand, Knee in Chest

Twist, Mountain, Shoulder Stand, Knee in Chest

Sexual Problems
Plow, Shoulder Stand, Twist, Complete Breath, Uddiyana

Shoulder Stand, Corpse

Skin Disorders
Sun Salutation

Sore Throat

Varicose Veins
Shoulder Stand

Yoga Mudra, Shoulder Stand

Here is a Link to Most of the Above Poses

Hatha yoga is usually practised to maintain a healthy body, but it also promotes relaxation and is a great way to control stress. It can lower the risk of heart attack and other stress-related health issues. You will move between poses in a slow manner, with some practitioners pausing to do the "dead man's posture" several times during a session. Each time you do this you will notice subtle changes in the way your body feels.

When you get to the end of a session you will lie on your back in the dead man's posture and let yourself drift into a deep meditation as you sense all the energetic changes that have occurred in your body. On a more profound level Hatha yoga purifies the physical body as a means to purify the mind. While this is an admirable and lofty goal, you should in no way feel overwhelmed by the enormity of such a task.

Just begin your Hatha Yoga practise with the idea of improving your health and relaxing your body and mind. These goals can be accomplished by anyone even during your very first yoga class. Then, once you get the hang of this, feel free to move on to purifying the mind at your own pace! Enjoy your hatha yoga practice!

Practing Yoga, can change your life, I have found anyone that didn't try yoga, that didn't like it!! So give it a try and see how much better you feel!!  Start slow and work up, let your body respond to the breathing and stretching, give it all it needs with the uniqueness of Yoga. 

Bible Verse for Today
Proverbs 4:22

For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their whole body.


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