Monday, December 14, 2009

Treat Happiness as a Method In Your Life


Best News of all may be that postive emotions don't start and end with just happiness.  A whole range of constructive emotions can help, including gratitude, serenity, inspiration, awe, and love! So that should give you more to be positive and make you more happy about!
We spend so much time crowding our minds with to do's, calendar events, and everything little thing, we forget about us!!  We need to engage more of ME with enthusisthisum as we do everything else!  Give well being for us your full attention---get in the habit of taking thoughtful action on your own behalf.  Let's see what happens when WE commit to looking health straight forward in the eye for ME!  Life itself has away of changing us!

Recycle Glass Jars- Instead of tossing that spaghetti sauce or jam jar into the trash, give it a new life.  Keep your bathroom counter clutter free by popping cotton swabs, balls, combs, toothbrushes, bathsalts, makeup brushes into different-sized jars!!

Martha Stewart

I am going to have a Reflexology session in a few days, and then I have a book I am wanting to learn the techiniques!! Does any of my followers know it, it seems to be very intense on helping to restore your body to it's nature flow.  It says it is a hands on approach to your health and well being!  That sounds wonderful to me!

"Reflexology funtions in two ways: as a diagnostic tool and as a method of treatment.  A refexology treatment can be used for the correction and prevention of ill heath."

So as soon as I get mine done I will let you know and if you have had this done please share with us!!
Try Smiling

Finally, try smiling. It's actually a lot easier than frowning. It's true. Researcher and scientists have found that you actually use fewer muscles to smile than you do when you frown. Try smiling more and you'll actually start to feel better. Take some time to laugh at yourself and at things you find funny. Be a kid every once in a while - don't take things too seriously - after all having fun frees the soul and eases the mind. Do things you enjoy and you'll start creating a positive lifestyle.
These are just some of the things you could do to start living a positive lifestyle and attract more positive energy into your life. Once you start doing some of the things I just outlined life will start to move at a more positive, fluid pace - and there won't be as many bumps along the road. When you work with the Creating Power system you'll learn how to live a positive lifestyle. With Creating Power you'll train your mind to send the right messages to your subconscious so that you get results and start enjoying the life you want. The Creating Power system teaches you this and much more.
With Creating Power you take charge of your life, learn to believe in yourself and more while creating the success and happiness you want and deserve. Creating Power teaches you how to eliminate the negative thoughts and take control of your mind in the very first week -- you'll be amazed at how much power you have in less than 7-days! You'll be on your way to creating a positive thinking pattern that lasts a lifetime.

Bible Verse for Today=
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. Psalms 9:2

Have a Happy and Blessed day!!  I am going to have lunch with a very wonderful friend that I haven't seen in 28 years! I am so excited to get to be with her!!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Love ya! Lisa

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Patricia said...

Lisa! You are such a great woman!! Always trying to give a smile to people, always with a kind word in your lips! All my love!! Great blog!!